Board Members

Election of board members was held at the November 18th, 2017 social dance for two year terms. 
There are now 10 open seats on the board, there were eight incumbent board members running and no other stated candidates.

Board Members re-elected for 2018 and 2019

  • Bill Esposito
  • Ed Mantsch
  • Deron Linkenheil
  • Shirley Esposito
  • David Burt
  • Harold Herman
  • Linda Lee
  • Evelyn Castanaga

Kim Boykin volunteered to fill one of the open board member seats.
One board member seat remains open.

Chapter Officers

Chapter Officers were elected by the chapter board from the elected board members at the January 2018 board meeting for a one year term.
At the January 2018 board meeting these terms were extended for another term.

The 2018 officers for USA Dance Las Vegas

  • President - Bill Esposito
  • Vice President - Ed Mantsch
  • Treasurer - David Burt
  • Secretary - Shirley Esposito

Board Meetings

Board Meetings are held monthly, generally on sunday afternoons.

Board Meeting Purposes

  • Make decisions for social dance planning
  • Select dance instructors to teach lesson at social dances
  • Vote on expenditure of chapter funds
  • Other items requested to be put on the agenda

Any member can come to the board meeting, participate in discussion, make and second motions, but only board members can vote on motions. View the Events Page to view scheduled board meetings or go to the Contact page to request where and when the next board meeting will be held.

Subcomittee Chairpersons

  • Social Dance: Shirley Esposito \ Deron Linkenheil
  • Music\DJ: Bill Esposito \ Deron Linkenheil
  • Hospitality: Harold Herman
  • Membership: Bill Esposito
  • Website: David Burt \ Cindy Lee \ John Brown
  • Community Outreach: Open
  • Competition: Open
  • National Ballroom Dance Week: Open
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Open
  • Youth: Open